2018 Match Dates Have Been Set!

April 22 - May 27 - June 24 - July 22 - August 26 - September 23 - October 28

Mother Nature is NOT a member of the Good Guys Posse

Mother Nature did her thing last night and undid all the work we have done this week. Unfortunately we will have to cancel this weekends matches. There is no way we can prepare the range in time even if we don't get further damage. Johnny Popper will be posting some pictures Stay tuned for updates.


Pat "Shamrock" Gannon


  • First Photo 7/19/17

    Second Photo 7/20/17
  • maybe we should change the name from Dry Gulch to A River Runs Thru It ! sorry, bad pun I know how hard you guys worked.
  • I suggested Drainage Ditch image/unsure.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':unsure:' />

  • So now the gravel is on stage 3,4, and 5? Thats a good thing, right? Just needs a little leveling?
  • Yup. About 100 yards of leveling.

    Go to the photos and scroll down to the *GGP* long and look at the 2017 gallery. From bad to good to bad again.


  • Sorry to hear this i know it took a bunch of work for you guys to fix it up for us.
  • I'm damn near in tears. My legs and back get worse each season. I have medical procedures all this week(not back or legs) so I don't know when I can work on the range. All I can figure is we are all dopey for not living in New Mexico mountains? Portly.
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